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What to Do When You Receive Divorce Papers

Receiving divorce papers may be a prompt and unexpecteddevelopmentor the result of years of separation between the spouses. When someone receives divorce papers, there are certain important actions that need to be taken, which are pertinent to protect the legal rights of the spouse.

If you are also facing a similarsituation, you need to take following steps that are necessary for the further completion of the further proceedings:

  1. Read the Papers Completely and Carefully:

It is very important to read divorce papers carefully and completely because these papers may contain important information necessary for the spouse to be aware of. The divorce papers inform the spouse about the court where the divorce was filed which is necessary to determine whether the divorce was filed in another state. Apart from this, these papers mention the deadline, within which the other spouse must send a response.

In addition to this, divorce papers can contain the reasons for the divorce as well as informationabout the childand spousal support, a divisionof property, or child custody.

  1. Send Response Within Stipulated Time Limit:

The divorce papers mention the time limit for the response. In most of the cases, 30 days are given to respond from the date when the papers were served. If the spouse fails to send any response within this time, the other spouse may be entitled to get everything requested or mentioned in these papers.

Most often, the spouse responds with the help of divorce attorney, however, in case he or she is not able to hire a lawyer, the response will be made by him or her and must address each statement in ordered number and avoid any general denial of the complaints.

  1. Seek Legal Assistance:

Divorce is a big decision with a hugeimpact onsomeone’s life. It is very important to hire an attorney despite the agreement on the divorce. The lawyer may review the papers, and can guide the spouse about his or her legal rights; this becomes more crucial to retain a lawyer if in future the case becomes complicated.

Additionally, to stand on the equal grounds- if one has sent papers through a lawyer, the other spouse should also seek legal help, but this also may be for limited purposes such as sending a response or representation in the court.

  1. Collect Important Documents:

Thelawyer may ask the spouse to bring important documents during an initialconsultation. These documents are provided for identifying information like birth certificates, social security cards, or marriage certificates, financial documents, a taxreturn of the last three years, bank statements etc. these documents are proof of income, assets and household debts which are used further in the process.

  1. Ensure the Protection of Your Assets:

The spouses should consult their attorneys about how to protect their assets during a divorce. In certain jurisdictions, there may be a need to freeze all the assets and should also consider to separate the bank account and remove half of the amount in case the couple had a joint account. Moreover, a credit report will help both the spouses to check whether there was any loan taken of which they were not aware of.

  1. Protect all forms of Communications:

Protection of the communication is of high importance lest the mail is detected by the other spouseduring the divorce process. In legal matters, the attorneys guide their clients about different strategies and plans which must not be revealed by the other spouse.

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