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Things to avoid when going through a divorce

People going through a divorce need to take care of a few important points to avoid any hindrances in the divorce process. Some of these are mentioned below:

Avoid pregnancy

Getting pregnant before your divorce finalizes will complicate your case. Divorce can be refused because of the concerns about the financial responsibility of the child.

Revoke your Will

You will have to revoke your will during your divorce in order to keep your ex-husband/wife from getting the money or privileges granted to them in your will.

Get a Collaborative Divorce or Mediation

A collaborative divorce involves getting help of professionals like experienced lawyers, therapists and divorce coaches. This type of divorce should always be preferred as you can get professionals to help you in deciding matters like dividing property and handling emotional stress. Collaborative divorce has been found to be more cooperative as compared to traditional divorce.

Mediation is a different process. It involves a mediator party that helps the couple getting divorced reach an agreement that is suitable for both.

Avoid Sexual Relationship with your Lawyer

Some people end up having feelings for the lawyer who is helping them get out of an unwanted relationship. Any sexual activity between an attorney and client is prohibited in some states. Getting sexually involved with your lawyer will result in harm to your attorney-client communications because in such cases, there may arise “adultery for infidelity” charges.

Don’t let your Children Suffer

Kids suffer a lot from divorce of their parents. They need to be in a supportive environment. Parents should not talk a lot about divorce in front of the children. Their school and after-school events should not be compromised. Make your children understand the fact that getting a divorce will relieve the stress on the family.

Do not forget the taxes

The one who gets custody of children also gets the house. Getting the house sounds good but it will require you to pay taxes, afford the mortgage and also maintain the house. A better deal is asking for an investment portfolio of equal value.

Avoid getting settled early

Do not lose your financial security in a hurry. Get several copies of financial documents that are important like pension statements, credit card statements, tax forms and similar records.

Getting your spouse to agree with a settlement in a friendly way can help you file for an “uncontested divorce”. This won’t cost you money or time in courts.

Avoid Increasing Debts

Divorce is an expensive process. It requires you to pay the fees of your lawyer and establish a new home. For most couples, it is not easy to make ends meet and get yourself used to having less than before. You may be required to pay legal bills and court costs before you get your hands on alimony or share from the marital property. The process may be tense but the relief in store for vexed couples is worth all the stress.

Remember, parting yourself from intense emotions and handling hurtful issues of divorce calmly will always favor you and would pay off in the long run for sure. You can decide wisely with a clear head and get hurt a little less during the process.

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