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Same Sex Marriage States have Lower Divorce Rates

Well that’s what USNEWS ran with in their headline but the reality is that lower divorce rates are actually based on marriage age and education levels. The correlation between states with same sex marriage laws is that those states tend to have more higher education graduates.

The interesting point of this story comes from research by Nick Silver. He points at that states that have chosen to Ban same sex marriage tend to lead the nation in divorce rates:

Overall, the states which had enacted a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage as of 1/1/08 saw their divorce rates rise by 0.9 percent over the five-year interval. States which had not adopted a constitutional ban, on the other hand, experienced an 8.0 percent decline, on average, in their divorce rates. Eleven of the 24 states (46 percent) to have altered their constitutions by 1/1/08 to ban gay marriage experienced an overall decline in their divorce rates, but 13 of the 19 which hadn’t did (68 percent).

Read more at Nick’s Blog

We think that its more of a headline grabber to say that Same-Sex marriage bans lead to higher divorce rates but if you have read Freakonomics stranger correlations have occurred.

Of note to Arizona readers is that since 2003 our divorce rate rose 7.1% by 2008 which is also the year we passed our constitutional ban on same sex marriage.

What do you think?

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