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Modification of Child Support in Arizona

Child support is court-ordered payments which are typically made by the non-custodial divorced parent to support their minor child or children. The amount which has to be paid as child support is decided at the time of divorce. Every parent has to contribute financially to the raising of his or her child after a divorce unless their parental rights have been legally terminated.

The child support payments have to be made regularly, on time, and in the right amount as decided by court. The payment is often ordered when both parents are no longer living together. Parents have a legal responsibility to support their children financially, and it is in the best interest of the child to have financial support from both parents.

Child Support Modification

Parties can seek simplified child support modification with the Child Support Modification Court. Several different kinds of modifications exist, and either one can be requested:

Simplified Process – The simplified process for child support modification may be used if a new Parents Worksheet for Child Support has been completed which shows a change of 15% or more from the current amount. In the other case, it may be used if you have been served with a simplified modification petition and you want to object.

Standard Process – The standard process for child support modification may be used to request a change in child support. This change may be due to a substantial and continuing change in circumstances. If the child support order is from another state, it has to be modified in that state, unless the child support order is registered in Arizona and the Court accepts the registration.

Change Child Support by Agreement – A change in child support may be requested if both parties provide their notarized signatures on an agreement to modify child support. In case the current child support order is from another state, then the order must be modified in the state it is from, unless the child support order is registered in Arizona and is accepted by the Court.

Process to Modify Child Support

When a petition to modify child support is filed by a party, the filing party serves the other party with the petition. This allows for a designated response time to the other party. The other party can either request a hearing, or they may choose to do nothing. The hearing must be requested within 20 days from the date the ‘Petition to Modify to Request a Hearing’ was filed if the other party lives in Arizona.

In case the other party does not live in Arizona, then they have 30 days from the date the petition was filed to request a hearing. The court will then let the parties know what the judge decided or a hearing date will be set. An order will be issued by the judge stating what the judge decided to do next. This order has to be read carefully, so the right to be able to know what needs to be done next.

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