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How can Spousal Maintenance be Modified in Arizona?

Modification of Spousal Maintenance i.e. Alimony

Spousal maintenance, also referred to as alimony in Arizona, is modifiable. However, if both parties have already agreed during the divorce process that spousal maintenance may not be modified, the spouse still has the legal right to ask the court to modify or change spousal support or alimony after divorce. Either party can request the court to either increase or decrease, or even stop alimony.

How can Spousal Maintenance be Modified in Arizona?

Since alimony is modifiable in Arizona, either party can go back at a later time to request the court to raise, lower, or even terminate spousal support. If the spouse paying alimony had a high income at the time of divorce when the alimony was calculated, but their income was substantially reduced later on through no fault of their own, the payer will be allowed to request the court to lower the alimony payments.

Why would Modification of Spousal Maintenance be needed?

Situations and circumstances change with time. If the husband is paying for spousal support, but later loses his job, or shifts to a less paying job for any reason such as an accident, or health concern, or even due to a DUI conviction, the husband can file for a modification to spousal support. In other cases, the wife may be planning to re-marry and the ex-husband may not feel comfortable paying alimony.

A cheating partner, addition of health insurance coverage, or a change in the availability of health insurance coverage could all be reasons to modify spousal support in Arizona. If you think you have a valid basis to modify alimony or spousal maintenance in Arizona, you will need to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer in Arizona.

When can Alimony stop?

The terms of the divorce specify the conditions of when alimony will stop in Arizona. Some of the obvious reasons for terminating alimony include death of either spouse, remarriage of the spouse receiving maintenance, or if the paying spouse finds out the ex-partner is planning to get remarried.

Moreover, since spousal maintenance has to be paid for a certain number of years, which is fixed at the time of divorce, the lapse of that period of time will cause the spousal maintenance to be terminated. If you need to have your spousal maintenance case evaluated, you can get in touch with an experienced spousal maintenance lawyer in Arizona to ensure that your rights are protected.

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