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Spousal Maintenance(Alimony)

Spousal maintenance” (sometimes called “Alimony”) is designed to be fair to both parties in Arizona. It is not meant to be punitive. It helps guarantee that both spouses can transition to living in separate places, and maintaining a standard of living which they enjoyed during the course of the marriage. Ultimately, the court will determine how much alimony will be awarded, if any. The court will review the past history of both parties and take into account careers, property, among other financial factors.

In Arizona, there are numerous reasons for awarding spousal maintenance to one party or the other. Some of these include the following:

  • Whether each spouse can meet their living needs independently through separate property or other factors.
  • Whether a spouse can support themselves through employment.
  • Whether the spouse can or cannot work due to the ages and needs of their children.
  • How long the marriage lasted.
  • The ages of the spouses and whether it now precludes them gaining sufficient employment.
  • How long it would take each spouse to gain education needed to obtain sufficient employment.
  • The future earning capacities of either spouse.
  • What the standard of living during the marriage consisted of.
  • Whether the spouse paying spousal maintenance can still maintain their own standard of living.
  • The earning abilities of each spouse.
  • How old the spouses currently are.
  • The emotional and physical condition of each spouse.
  • What jobs were held by the spouses during the course of their marriage.
  • The spouse’s vocational and educational skills.
  • Whether either spouse contributed financially or with their own time in order to advance the educational opportunity of the other spouse.
  • Whether either spouse concealed, wasted, destroyed, or gave away community property during the course of the marriage.

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