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What to Do When You Receive Divorce Papers

Receiving divorce papers may be a prompt and unexpecteddevelopmentor the result of years of separation between the spouses. When someone receives divorce papers, there are certain important actions that need to be taken, which are pertinent to protect the legal rights of the spouse. If you are also facing a similarsituation, you need to take following steps that are necessary…read more →

How To Cope Up With Stress in Your Divorce?

The most stressful time in the life of an individual is the “separation/divorce Time”.  There is no doubt that family law cases are profoundly emotional. They pose a turbulent time period for both husband and wife and have the tendency to affect children for years to come. The legal separation, divorce and child custody dispute challenges your resolve initially. But,…read more →

Dealing With Child Support Issues After A Divorce

Supporting the children is the primary duty of both parents and its importance remains the same whether the parents are living together or not. A blessing such as a child should be taken care of and raised in an appropriate manner until they reach adulthood. However, not all families survive due to factors such as irreconcilable differences and the children’s…read more →

Critical Mistakes to Avoid in a Child Custody Case

Child custody cases are often highly contentious, time-consuming and expensive. People involved in custody battles may often sabotage their own case by making a mistake. Mistakes can either be critical errors that completely destroy your chances in the case and they can also be mistakes that might be rectified during the trial. For the majority of parents, the custody proceedings…read more →

What you need to know about Child Support Modification

When a child support order is set up, the payment amount might be expanded or diminished in specific situations. In the event that a parent’s earning capacity or a child’s financial needs are altered, it could possibly be sufficient to trigger an adjustment. A good strategy is to continue influencing your child to help payments as much as you can…read more →

Things to avoid when going through a divorce

People going through a divorce need to take care of a few important points to avoid any hindrances in the divorce process. Some of these are mentioned below: Avoid pregnancy Getting pregnant before your divorce finalizes will complicate your case. Divorce can be refused because of the concerns about the financial responsibility of the child. Revoke your Will You will…read more →

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving refers to the act of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant, including drugs. The act of driving drunk, or while under the influence, is extremely dangerous and is often a cause of accidents and even fatalities. When someone drinks alcohol, their reaction-time becomes impaired. Alcohol consumption affects a person’s judgment,…read more →

How Personal Injury Claims can Affect Relationships

Catastrophic injuries resulting from an accident, such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord damage caused by a car accident, can lead to divorce. Virginia Commonwealth University has reported that as many as 25 percent of marriages fail following such an accident. While this is unfortunate, there are many new stresses added to marriage when these injuries occur….read more →

Child Adoption Information in Arizona

There are more than 18,000 children in Arizona foster homes, waiting to be part of a family. Some of these children have special needs, concerning their education, health and emotions. If you are planning to adopt a child in Arizona, you can browse through the list of Arizona waiting children based on the type of child or children you would…read more →

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