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Are most Divorces over Money Issues?

Despite the recent economic slump, you will be surprised to know that the divorce rate has gone down over the past five years instead of going up. People usually associate financial problems with an increased divorce rate, as money is considered to be one of the main causes of divorce. Surprisingly, that has not been the case.

Many relationship experts are of the viewpoint that conflicts in a marriage are usually not due to a lack of money, but due to the presence of it. When there is money involved, different people have different attitudes towards it, whether it is related to spending money, saving money or taking a financial risk. Most differences between a husband and wife are a result of these conflicts. The husband may be planning to save money, but the wife may be adamant on spending it to fulfill her needs. In cases like these, one person usually uses money to control the other person or use it to seek revenge or just to satisfy their ego.

In other cases, problems may arise when one partner has a habit of lying or hiding when it comes to spending money. A partner may even lie about how much he or she earns. Couples also have differences when it comes to saving or spending money or when there are issues involving money spent on step children and in-laws. They may even fight on money matters, and those who are not happy with their marriage may refer to their spending on their spouse, home or even children as “my money” instead of “our money.”

Problems in marriages can of course be due to the lack of money too. If the combined income of the spouses is not enough to keep the family fed, they will always end up in arguing over money. If a partner has to adjust to an unforeseen job loss, or a stressful financial development, the couple can end up accusing each other for the financial problems. A partner may even accuse the other to be an irresponsible spender. Some of these arguments may seem trivial, but with time, they can turn into something serious and eventually lead to divorce.

Difficult financial times in a marriage can also make it difficult to get a divorce. This is because a divorce costs money and the couple may even have to sell their house and other belongings at a loss to go ahead with the divorce, making things worse. Many couples who are unable to go ahead with the sale may be forced to love unhappily under the same roof. They may feel trapped in the home as well as in their marriage. This might be one of the reasons for a reduced divorce rate during a recession. The couples may eventually start filing for divorce once the recession ends.

Still, there are couples who understand the needs of their partner and are also supportive. They make all financial decisions together and decide what to buy and when. They seem to be on the same page when it comes to spending or saving money. They plan everything together and never abuse what they have. They also help each other out and never feel deprived when they do not get what they desired. In such marriages, hard times can actually strengthen the bond between the husband and wife instead of causing marriage-threatening problems.

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Article contributed by: Steven Taxman is a criminal defense attorney in Santa Rosa, CA and specializes in a number of practice areas, including DUI defense, traffic violations, robbery and theft, domestic violence and sex crimes along with others.

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