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Divorce Related Posts – March 26, 2013

We’ve put together some very interesting posts about divorce. From the Pregnant Man to potentially the most expensive divorce (dollar-wise) in history. Let us know if you have any posts about divorce that you find to be interesting and post them in the comments. And as always, let us know what you think.   Woman allegedly shot multiple times by…read more →

What is a Contested Divorce in Arizona?

David Cantor explains what happens if there is no response to a Contested Divorce:   In Arizona a contested divorce is one in which the parties do not agree on all of the terms of divorce and therefore must sue one another to obtain the divorce. The first step in the process is for one party – the Plaintiff – to…read more →

Termination of Parental Rights (Adoption) in Arizona

David Cantor explains the Termination of Parental Rights Step Prior to Adoption: Termination of Parental Rights (ARS §8-531 through §8-544) usually happens a lot with parents who are in prison or in drug rehab. The State of Arizona has many different scenarios under which they can justify the Termination of Parental Rights and they include: abandonment, the parent has neglected…read more →

Domestic Violence: What to do if You’re Arrested

Domestic violence is an upsetting aspect in the world today, but not all cases like this are the same. Domestic Violence can occur as a part of a divorce especially when a spouse is blindsided by the Summons to Court for the divorce. Some domestic violence cases involve violent offenders who have been in trouble with the law numerous times…read more →

Divorcing? 3 Things To Do That Cannot Wait

Divorce is inevitable.  Your (or your spouse) will be leaving the marital residence immediately, or already have.  You are planning to consult with a divorce attorney shortly. However, before you separate from your spouse, before you see the divorce lawyer, you have stuff you must do. Below are three things you should be doing immediately that cannot wait. Grab Personal…read more →

New Laws for 2013: Arizona Parenting Time Law for Fathers

The consistently increasing number of custody hearings and changing family dynamics has led to many states redefining what is considered the best interest of a child. One factor that has impacted this metamorphosis is the spotlight placed on the rights of fathers. Historically, it has been believed that what was best for a child, particularly when they were young, was…read more →

In an Arizona Divorce, What is Community Property?

In this short video divorce attorney David Cantor explains what Community Property is: The State of Arizona is considered a community property state—meaning that a number of provisions pertaining to spousal entitlement apply when dealing with accrued assets and joint possessions as well. Many of these assets fall under the umbrella of community property, which is based on a few…read more →

Are most Divorces over Money Issues?

Despite the recent economic slump, you will be surprised to know that the divorce rate has gone down over the past five years instead of going up. People usually associate financial problems with an increased divorce rate, as money is considered to be one of the main causes of divorce. Surprisingly, that has not been the case. Many relationship experts…read more →

Understanding the Rules for Spousal Support in Arizona

The “no fault” principle that is the basis of Arizona’s divorce law eliminates many obstacles that can frustrate the desires of a couple to end a marriage. However, the law still contains a set of rules that, in the event of a divorce, must be followed before the court can grant spousal support, or alimony. Under the “no fault” principle,…read more →

Divorce Links for Oct 17th 2012

Here are a few interesting stories we saw this week: ‘2016: Obama’s America’ Filmmaker Caught in Sex Scandal Paying for College when Parents are Divorced Parental alienation: Mental disorder or relationship problem? Divorce lawyers see rise in untraditional pre-nups

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